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Here are some of the newest books from Access Consciousness...Blockbuster's in the Consciousness Field

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If you have PETS this book has an amazing insight to what pets go through while their humans are "going through it"!!

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A personal favorite for easing Financial blame, shame regret and guilt!!

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I dont have a kid to try this book on but from the mouths of all the kids I've interacted with...This book is a winner for them when they have questions about what goes "bump" in the night.  An easy intro to how to manage fears and empower kids to be at ease with the dark!

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Dealing with amazing kids who don't konw their own superpowers?  Worried about how your kids are dealing with the labels society hands around?  Anne Maxwell's book was a great read for me as an adult and showed me that not all the stuff I was labeled as a kid was a bad thing!  Help you kids step up to their potential...

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Facilitators come in contact with many different people, problems, cultures, emotions and much more.  To facilitate yourself is the first step to being a consciousness expanding facilitator for others.  Here are required books/audios for those of you interested in expanding your ability to contribute to yourself and others.

10 Keys to Freedom

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