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Mosquito as a way of life are a certainty.  There are many non-toxic choices to ensure you do not have so many that you can't enjoy the outdoors.  Here is what I used and when I used it.

Before the first hatch of spring, usually mid May or when last chance of freeze is declared, us Mosquito Dunks.  It's a bacterium that comes in tidy round donut shaped pieces.  Putting them down before the first hatch, lessens later abundance of them.  My June was absolutely fabulous instead of horribly horrific!  They are non-toxic and can be placed any where there is standing water.  Repeat applications usually are needed in 4-6 weeks and then optional in August/September. 

If you don't have a lot of standing water, use the Mosquito Bits product.  Similar to the dunks but in small bits for easy spreading in damp, grassy or only occasionally wet areas (used them in my dirt floor barn, and no mosquitos). They hydrate to life when they are naturally exposed to moisture.  Repeat applications usually are needed in 4-6 weeks and then optional in August/September. 

Another product I use regularly in the yard around the house and barns is a deterrent (and there are several) made of cedar, garlic, lemongrass etc pressed to a fine chip.  It's easy to put a layer down regularly and it really does help with mosquitos as well as ticks and mice.  Not very strong to us it must be pretty intense for the little guys.  Doesn't kill them just makes them less likely to stick around. 

Finally, when traveling, and I do that alot, I use a Thermocell personal device.  Look it up on Amazon.  It really does keep them at bay in campsites and picnic areas.  That's just pure self-defense along with pop up screen tent for less than $100 that you can also get at Amazon.

Enjoy your summer yard!  The classes in my home frequently showcase the contribution nature can be and you are invited to attend any time!


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