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Access Facilitator - Access Core Classes: Bars, Body Process, Foundation Classes

While energetically, mentally and physically powerful, Bars sessions are extremely light touch.  Completely clothed and very relaxing these sessions offer a major make-over in thinking, attitude and the electrical responses the body has been using to both run the physical form and behave dynamically with other people and resources.   

What shows up?  .

Bars holds wonderful potential for changing what was previously perceived as unchangeable situations.  The common explanation is: "At worst you'll feel like you had a good massage.  At best your whole life will change."  PTSD, OCD and other compulsive disorders are frequently resolved with sessions of The Bars.


Access Consciousness Body Process

Access Body processes can be used to lax trauma, dysfunctional immune programming and obsessive issues while restructuring the acoustic sensorial body towards higher functions.  Includes verbal processing as required.

The focus of AC Body Processes is to see what's possible for re-establishing and building communion with the Body's potential for receiving healing, joy, expansive well-being and beyond. 

Are you ready to expand that partnership with your body?

Further, the Body Processes do for the Body what the verbal processing does for the mind.  Thoroughly utilizing both Process types, resources the body and opens the individual to choices beyond the common physical realities in other words, the miraculous visits regularly..

Wondering how the Access Consciousness Clearing Statements works?  Here's the explanation from Co-Founder Dr. Dain Heer:

Here is a link to the Access Consciousness book/video/and more Store...

My Private sessions also include the 20 years of experience I have had with these methods.....


Biodynamic  Craniosacral Sessions

(Both Access Consciousness and Phoenix Vibrational are added during Cranial sessions)

Private sessions are done completely clothed. The setting is one of nature, relaxation and individualized comfort. 

Hands on work is very very light touch or off body if sensitivity is very intense.  Reclining on a comfortably cushioned table supported by pillows is the norm.  Semi-reclining, side-lying, sitting and standing are all available as comfort is the goal.

The work can be performed from any location on the body, much as a pulse can be perceived from many place on the body.  The complaint area need not be touched for the work to be affective.  Open wounds, broken bones and other such sensitive areas are never over-energized.

Deep relaxation to the point of sleep occurs frequently.  Many report a sense of deeper rest with lightness of being after sessions are complete.  Tension dissipates, improved function on many levels (some not previously associated with presenting issues) are experienced. 

Please see the links given on the home page for more in depth information on what you may expect after sessions.


Phoenix Vibrational Healing

Very beneficial and conveniently available for at a distance work, this very different form of distance energy work is profound and physically noticeable. 

More Info here:


Many people wonder how distance sessions can be affective.  Here's an example.  Think about reading a book or going to the movies.  The characters and authors are not present but their work moves you to anxiety, joy, relief, laughter, insight and much more.  Distance work is much the same.  It shifts the body to a different physical state of awareness and resource.  Physical, mental and emotional relief results. 


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