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Awakening Body Communication

& Using Body/Mind Consciousness

Body's have a purpose, almost singular in nature, that we've never been told about or explored thoroughly.  That is: To sense every single thing around us.

Not just with the five sense but with the entire field of subtle energies the body has that we never hear about or are taught to use.

Since this entire system is what reports when we have pain, disease, aging issues etc, we never adequately acknowledge the body.  To lessen the burden on the body of reporting all that has gone under acknowledged, unconsciously ignored, improperly interpreted, etc., is to allow and restore the body, reduce the energy used for reporting functions, all of which drains energy from our bodies and minds that we want to use for other things and can't figure out why we dont have volition to access.   We refer to these things as aging, debilitation and pain. 

Would it be nice to have that force of life restored to your ownership, will and intention?  

Making an appointment for this work is a life changing experience.  You will never see your sensory reports the same way if you are willing to change the way your mind does the business of life and awareness with your body.

Here is a brief excerpt from an intro podcast where I explain how differently we can relate to the senses of our body's reporting system (it may divert you to another page).

Tune In Intro Podcast

You can get started on your own path to greater awareness with you Body's personal reporting system by making a Zoom/Phone appointment with me.  Easily done at a distance on Zoom, a recording can be provided for later listening.  

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