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I've done some videos that came to me spontaneously (hence the casual look) to help people grasp the nature of Advanced Body Communications ABC (previously Metacare) an energetic distance or in personal sessions relief method for shock, panic and trauma that accompanies all accident, illness, dentistry, surgery and injury.  

Anything with an element of pain, disease or emotional/physical distress benefits from ABCs technology. Here are 3 videos to expand your grasp of whats possible in healing with ABC.



MetaCare Video I Link

MetaCare I Intro

MetaCare Video II Link:

MetaCare II

MetaCare Video III Link:

MetaCare Video III


Please contact me for an appointment, contacting me well before any planned hospitalization, so that arrangements and protocols for best results can be employed.

Accident/injury traumas and illness should be addressed as soon as possible and will be addressed in the order received.  Don't hesitate to call in with your request right away.

This work takes ENERGY and cannot be rushed so please give me as much notice as possible. 

ABCs (Metacare) derives from Phoenix Vibrational Healing, posted elsewhere on this site and describes the work I've specialized in under that resource.


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