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Phoenix Vibrational Healing (PVH) as MasterCare works within the subtle fields and offers exceptional expressions of instant changes for bodies with inexplicable issues.

MasterCare works where traditional explanations and therapies fail to create health and relief.

Here are several resources further exploring what it is to experience PVH

A Utube video from the founder and mentor of PVH

Fred Payne Demo's PVH

This the main Phoenix Vibrational Healing website which contains much information and free clearings.  Click the Link and then go into the left upper corner for a menu selection.  This will take you to another page.

Phoenix Main Site Link

Please contact me directly if you desire this work.  It's done at a distance as well as during table sessions and frequently serves as the strongest support for those going through illness, accident, surgery or hospitalization for serious conditions.  This is MasterCare!



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